May 16, 2019

Laura Edwards - #BrewingWithDad

Laura Edwards, Brewmaster/Customer Support

Years at Northern Brewer:2.5

Years of Homebrewing:3.5

Laura Edwards, Northern Brewer

For nearly 4 years, Laura and her Dad have been filling cups with their own homebrews.

When did you start brewing with your Dad?

"He’s been brewing partial mash for nearly 15 years, but we learned how to brew all-grain together. My Dad taught me how to brew so it's fun when I can teach him a thing or two! Now that he’s retired, we’re brewing as often as we can. "

Describe a brewing experience that caught you by surprise?

"We picked up the incorrect yeast for a recipe, but really liked the extra fruitiness that the yeast gave the brew. One time, we used an online recipe & brewed it. Unfortunately, it gave us an incorrect specific gravity. If we had taken a minute to think about how much base malt was needed, we would have realized it wasn't nearly enough to get the gravity our recipe required."

Favorite Cheers:


What’s an essential piece of equipment you always use when you brew?

"The stainless steel 7 Gallon Ss Brewbucket is a homebrew staple. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Durable. What's not to love?"

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