May 16, 2019

Todd Jackson - #BrewingWithDad

Todd Jackson, Director of Retail & Customer Service

Years at Northern Brewer: 10

Years of Homebrewing: 14

Todd Jackson, Northern Brewer

For the last 10 years Todd has been Northern Brewer’s Director of Retail & Customer Service. He’s got 14 years of homebrewing under his belt and is a father to a 6 year old named Roy.

Todd & Roy, Stirring Wort

What’s a rule you always follow before you begin brewing?

"Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize. I duped myself by cutting corners during cleaning time and created the classic "Accidental Sour." It was a barley wine that still turned out great, but don’t cut corners during cleaning time."

Roy, Watching Hops Dry

Any advice for other brewers?

"If you’re leaving a fermentor in the kitchen, always use a blow off tube. Especially, if it’s a Russian Imperial Stout under a ceiling fan.

Favorite Cheers:


What’s an essential piece of equipment you won’t brew without?

"Like a typical dad, I spend tons of time horsing around with my son. The convenience of a Single Keg System versus bottling all of the beer I brew is a game changer. Bonus, it’s mobile and always receives a welcoming cheer when I bring it to parties."

Single Keg System

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