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Keezer Build: Converting a Chest Freezer for Science (and Beer)


Keezer, Kegerator, Breezer, Corny Chest, Freezerator. These are all words one could use to describe the beer dispensing system that was in need of building at Northern Brewer Minneapolis up until early afternoon today. Let me explain how important and helpful this magical device that we just built will be. Like any of you who might brew frequently, we have a lot of batches of beer that need to be kegged and drank. Trying to accomplish this in a basic chest freezer with plastic picnic taps running from Corny kegs was just not cutting it anymore. Some sloppy pouring from plastic picnic tap lines and one sighting of a bit of mold was more than enough to encourage us all that we needed Perlick faucets and organized, clean beverage lines a.s.a.p.

And so the planning began. A few trips to the hardware store and a borrowed circular saw from one of the homes of our team and we were in business. Our helpful supplier picked up four 2x4s that were reasonably close to chest freezer’s dimensions along with wood screws, brackets for fitting our wood together, and a sturdy adhesive to connect the wood boards to the freezer when the freezer lid was popped off its hinges. If I’m missing anything on that list, it’s just like our first day of building when our team realized that we didn’t have the saw they needed to cut our boards or the correct drill bit needed to make holes in our boards for our shanks and wonderful beer faucets. Remember to take inventory before you start a project like this!

With the first day of problems behind, the rest of the build out went reasonably well. Northern Brewer’s own Chip Walton was on hand to document the madness with his camera as our team of builders did an excellent job mounting our CO2 manifold, while installing the shanks, lines, and faucets, after spending nearly a week waiting for our glue to bond the chest freezer to the 2x4s. We now have a variety of great beer on tap including many of the delicious new Dry Dock Brewing pro series kits with a dispensing presentation to match. A chocolate milk stout in our fermentation area is calling out for the one nitro tap that was installed and we have a lot of fun ahead of us. Be sure to look for Brewing TV’s documentation of the build later in the year and for all you do it yourselfers out there, we plan on releasing some info soon on specifically how to tackle this project.

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