January 14, 2020

What is Kombucha?

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha (kom·​bu·​cha | \ ˌkäm-ˈbü-chə) is a sweet tea that is fermented by a SCOBY. We all know what sweet tea is, but what is fermentation and what exactly is a SCOBY.

For some, fermentation isn’t a word they want associated with their food or beverages. However, the process of fermentation has been essential to humankind’s development. Let’s look at the official definition 

Fermentation is defined by Webster’s as : 

an enzymatically controlled anaerobic breakdown of an energy-rich compound (such as a carbohydrate to carbon dioxide and alcohol or to an organic acid)

Most folks aren’t chemists or biologists, so to define fermentation more broadly:

The conversion of sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide. 

But Kombucha doesn’t have alcohol, right?

Well, you’re right! You can thank the SCOBY for that. But what is a SCOBY? [Read More about it Here. ]

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