March 29, 2019

Opening a Craft Beer Making Kit: 5 Legendary Reactions

This year, we released our first-ever Limited Edition Craft Beer Making Gift Set for the holiday season, and your reactions were truly astounding. We wanted to take a moment to pull them together here.

The kit was meant to be an all-in-one experience. Rather than including just the gear for making beer, it also came with goodies for drinking your homebrew: custom labels, six packs, and Northern Brewer pint glasses.

The craft beer gift set also came with our famous Fresh Squeezed IPA clone, the Fresh Squished IPA. Its tasting notes are as follows:

"Dripping with vivid flavors, Fresh Squished is the beer equivalent of visiting your local fruit stand. Packed with quality ingredients, this mouth-watering IPA recipe kit combines tantalizing aromas of grapefruit, melon, berries, lime and passion fruit that drizzle into a faint herbal, piney background."

Your response floored us. Here are a few quotes from real customers:

  • "Got halfway through my first bottle I said to myself, this is the best beer I’ve ever had."
  • "Really good way to break into homebrewing. Has everything you need to make your first batch, from boil to bottling."

But the best part of all was seeing what your reactions on Instagram. Scroll down to witness some pure joy.

You opened presents...

Opening a Craft Beer Kit under Tree

You know that moment? The one when you run into the living room and see a gleaming pile of presents from Santa? It's every child's favorite. Well, growing up doesn't have to mean losing that feeling. Not when there's a kit for making craft beer nestled under the tree.

... got really, really excited...

Opening a Brewery in a Box

#TFW you get the best Christmas present ever.

Unboxing videos are always hilarious, but we especially liked this one. The kit this young gentleman opened is actually the Brewery in a Box, not the Craft Beer Gift Set, but it's too good not to share.

... made beer...

Boiling Wort

You tagged us in a ton of epic brewing shots, and we loved every one of 'em. Who knew that boiling wort or beer fermentation could be so photogenic? (Hint: we did)

...drank beer...

Delicious Beer on a Winter Day

The very best part of getting your kit, obviously.

... and taught your pets to brew.

Delicious Beer on a Winter Day

Just kidding. But not really. Brew Pups and Brew Kitties are essential members of the brewing squad. They provide moral support and infinite cuteness points. Cuteness points are a real thing, trust us. They're like hops. You can taste the love in your final beer.

The best part? Christmas might be over, but the Craft Beer Making Gift Set is far from dead. You can expect a brand-new exclusive version next holiday season. And maybe even before then... (Father's Day presents, anyone??)

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