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The Grainfather Connect - Self Contained Electric All Grain Beer Brewing System

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The Grainfather allows you to mash, sparge, boil and cool, all in one fully electric, self-contained system. Now includes the Connect Controller. You can take direct control of the Grainfather with your iPhone or Android using Bluetooth. Use the Connect Control Box in conjunction with the Connect App for the ultimate brewing experience.

The Grainfather is an all-in-one All-Grain brewing system designed to declutter your brew cave and put everything you need in one compact package. No need to take your craft outside, with this fully electric system you are safe to brew indoors!

The Grainfather system is the perfect brewing companion for both new and experienced All-Grain brewers looking to streamline the brewday experience.

Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery, as The Grainfather will ship directly from the manufacturer via FedEx Ground. 


Manufacturer Instructional Booklet

The Grainfather features:

  • Full Five Gallon Batch Capacity
  • 304-grade stainless steel superior body, with 8 US Gal (30 L) capacity
  • Expandable grain basket to suit grain bills up to 19.8 lbs (9kg)
  • A robust magnetic drive pump (6 watt, 1800 RPM) and wort recirculation pipe with insulated handle, ensuring consistent temperatures throughout the mash and maximizing efficiencies
  • Pump filter to keep hops and stray grain in the boiler, and your wort clear and bright
  • Counterflow Wort Chiller with copper inner coil, cooling your wort to <68°F within 20mins
  • Toughened plastic control box and display screen, giving you total temperature and pump control. Dial in the exact temperature for your mash, allowing both step mashing and single temperature mashing with very fast ramp up between steps
  • Dual heating element (1600 watt and 600-watt elements) allowing you to switch between heating quickly to a vigorous boil and maintaining a stable temperature
  • Tempered glass lid for maximum durability, heating efficiencies and visibility during your brewday
  • Top and bottom mesh screens for your grain basket, allowing even distribution of your sparge water and ensuring no grain enters the boiler
  • Dimensions: 29" H x 19.1" L x 17.2" W

New Connect Controller Details:

Automation without removing the fun of brewing, be as involved as you want to be! More automation means you can multitask or simply relax while brewing and then be alerted when to return for your next step. Use the Connect Control Box in conjunction with the Connect App for the ultimate brewing experience.

Connect Controller Instructions

Control Box Features:
  • Bluetooth connection to your mobile device so it can be controlled remotely
  • PID algorithm works in conjunction with a triac for more stable heating and so you can control power output
  • Programmable step mashing
  • Delayed heating - fill your Grainfather with water the night before and wake up to your water at strike temperature ready for brewing straight away
  • Change between Celsius and Fahrenheit easily
  • Waterproof graphic display
  • Lugs at rear which can be changed to suit any Grainfather currently on the market
  • Use in manual mode or with app
App Features:
  • Grainfather Grain Kit recipes provided in app
  • Import Beer XML files
  • Set your own boil temperature (for different altitudes)
  • Change between Celsius and Fahrenheit easily
  • Grainfather calculators provided in app

NOTE: Required Specifications for the App are:


  • Hardware: iPhone 4S or higher
  • Software: iOS8 or higher??. Must have Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
  • Hardware: Android 4.3 (API Level 18) or higher
  • Software: Must have Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)/Bluetooth Smart

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Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Additional information

Support Documents Click here for documents
Support Documents - Instructions Click here for instructions
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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews

The Grainfather Connect - Self Contained Electric All Grain Beer Brewing System

New to this stuff.

First time brewer, had a little extra jing jing in my pocket so I went big. After one use it was awesome. App works well on iPad, made my wort without a hitch, wort chiller worked perfectly. Very easy to clean. So far I’m very happy.

Grainfather about to become live.

For sure all good. Haven't even used it yet because I'm aquiring other things as in a Spike Flex fermentor and a DIY glycol chiller, but soon, we will brew. I was at your Minneapolis location for the first time visiting the brick and morter site, loved it. Loved the experience.


Overall love the all in one brew system. My only wish is that it boiled a little better. It’s more of a summer than a rolling boil.

Love it!

I got the Grainfather for my husband. I had bread purchasing experience and he is enjoying using it. He has brewed 3 times in it now and I’ve loved the results while he loved the process ????

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The Grainfather Connect - Self Contained Electric All Grain Beer Brewing System

The Grainfather Connect - Self Contained Electric All Grain Beer Brewing System

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