NB Artisanal Standard Dry Mead Kit

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Fermented to completion, dry mead is delicate and more subtle than medium or sack mead. Becomes champagne-like if you carbonate it. Excellent as an aperitif. Kit includes Wyeast 4021 Champagne Yeast. OG: 1.080-1.083. Time to make: 3 months minimum.

NB Artisanal Mead Kits. Based on Ames Farm amazing honey, these are simple, uncluttered traditional meads designed to let the honey shine through. Because the floral sources and composition of Ames Farm honey will change with the season and years, and are dependent on variables like hive placement and weather, every batch of these kits will be unique.

Each recipe is available in two sizes - three gallon or five gallon.

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NB Artisanal Standard Dry Mead Kit

NB Artisanal Standard Dry Mead Kit