Briess Goldpils® Vienna Malt

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Briess Goldpils® Vienna Malt is less modified than Pale Ale Malt and less intensely kilned than Munich Malts. As a result it delivers malty flavor with less sweetness than Pale Ale Malt and less color than Munich Malts.

Briess Goldpils® Vienna Malt is a superb example of this classic malt. Less sweet than Pale Ale Malt, it is a rich malty 2-Row base malt that offers complexity and depth with a toasted note at the finish for your classic Vienna, Oktoberfest and Marzen beers. It finishes exceptionally clean and, at 3.5º Lovibond, contributes light golden hues. Use in any beer style that benefits from rich malty character. Sufficient enzyme level to support the inclusion of even the most demanding specialty malts without extending the brewing cycle.

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Briess Goldpils® Vienna Malt

Briess Goldpils® Vienna Malt