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Draft Brewer® Nitro Snap Tap - Ball Lock

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With fast, easy set-up, this party-ready tap makes sharing easier than ever. You don have to fiddle with tubing, figuring out where to wrap it to keep it off the ground. Better yet, your beer won get warm sitting in draft lines. With the Nitro Snap Tap, brew stays in the keg until the moment you pour a cold one.

Quick and easy-to-clean, just give the tubing-free Nitro Snap Tap a quick rinse with water and youe good to go! No more draft lines filled with old beer. Plus, the parts easily disassemble by hand for when you want to give it a deep clean.

The Nitro Snap Tap is easier for guests, too. Just pull the tap handle forward and beer comes out. Keep serving simple and keep the party going with the compact, easy-to-use Draft Brewer® Nitro Snap Tap.

Stout Faucet with Tap Handle
Beer Faucet to Disconnect Adapter with Faucet Coupling Nut. 
Ball-Lock Liquid Disconnect

Note: when serving from the Snap Tap, keep beer cold & serving pressure to a minimum to prevent foaming.

Required but not included: a Ball-Lock Keg, Nitrogen Cylinder, and Nitrogen Regulator with gas line.


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Draft Brewer® Nitro Snap Tap - Ball Lock

Draft Brewer® Nitro Snap Tap - Ball Lock