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EverBru Kombucha Five Batch Refill Kit

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What the only thing better than Kombucha you made yourself? More Kombucha, of course.

Once youe got one batch of booch under your belt, you have all the know-how youl ever need to maintain a continuous supply of freshly-fermented, delicious Kombucha. And to help you keep that circle of probiotic goodness going, there The Everbru Kombucha Refill Kit.

Youl never run out of Kombucha again, if you get another batch of refreshing tea going just in time to keep that fermenter full. The Everbru Kombucha Refill Kit includes enough Tea and Sugar for five more 1-gallon batches.

Plus, wee thrown in an extra SCOBY to keep on hand as a backupor if you want to double down on your Kombucha production with a second fermentation. Hey, who could blame you? Once you fall for Kombucha, it hard to imagine life without it. Thanks to The Everbru Kombucha Refill Kit, you never have to.

Kit Includes:
  • Live SCOBY culture
  • 4 packs of loose-leaf black tea (2oz each by volume)
  • 2 lbs Raw Cane Sugar (Evaporated Cane Juice)
  • Butter Muslin
  • Instructions

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EverBru Kombucha Five Batch Refill Kit

EverBru Kombucha Five Batch Refill Kit