French Aramis Hop Pellets

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French Aramis is a dual-purpose hop, best known for sweet spice, herbal notes and subtle citrus characteristics. It has been noted on fewer occasions to offer notes including earthy woods, Earl Grey tea and fresh hay.
Born in the Alsace region of France, Aramis is a higher-alpha descendent of Strisselspalt.

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SKU HP131, HP131E
Beer Style British/American Strong Ale,Dark/Amber Lager,Pale Lager,Trappist/Belgian Ale,Wheat Beers
Hops Format Pellet
Country of Origin German/Czech/Continental
Flavor Descriptors Citrus,Earthy,Herbal,Spicy
Alpha Acid Medium (5-10%)

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French Aramis Hop Pellets

French Aramis Hop Pellets