Grainfather 12VDC Cooling Pump & 3 way cord

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Improve the flavor profile of your brew and give it the fermentation environment it needs to ferment correctly. The Grainfather Cooling Pump makes it easy to control the fermentation process in the Grainfather Conical Fermenter. It’s designed to regulate and stabilize the fermentation temperature by pumping cold water through the double walled insulated interior. And in just one fell swoop, you can target the perfect temperature for better beer!

Cool your wort by simply connecting the couplets and insulated hoses to the Grainfather Conical Fermenter, submerge the pump into the cooler box with water (add ice for required temperature) and pump the water through the insulated cooling sleeve.

Control fermentation by setting the target temperature on the Digital Controller. Once the temperature is below the target temperature of the wort, the Cooling Pump will instantly pump cold water through cooling sleeve to cool down your wort.

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Grainfather 12VDC Cooling Pump & 3 way cord

Grainfather 12VDC Cooling Pump & 3 way cord