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Growler Filler

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A quick and easy way to fill a growler or beer bottle from a beer faucet. The chrome-plated fitting slides easily into our standard chrome and stainless steel faucets (K155, K073, K021, also those used on our draft towers). The tubing measures 1 foot in length. Not compatible with Perl, Perlick, or other faucets.

The Growler Filler: Feeding the Beer Beast

As every home brewer knows, there are two moments that define every batch of beer. The first is when you drink it, and the second is when you bottle it. Most people have little problem with the drinking part, but the bottling part is often ripe with hassle. Everyone knows the drill: you carefully sanitize a few dozen beer bottles. You soap them, you rinse them, you dry them and you pray that there nothing funky stuck to the bottom. When all is said and done, you're rinsing them out and looking for a place to store them until you finish your next batch.

But the bottle isn't the only way to store and pour your homegrown brew. Just ask any home brewer with a healthy love of ale and a hearty constitution, and he'll tell you to go big or go home. Why not consider kegging your beer and taking it to go with a Growler? And just what is a Growler? To the untrained eye, it can appear as just a handled glass jar. But with the proper tools, its a jar capable of carrying anywhere from half a gallon to two whole liters of your latest inebriation creation.

That right. Rather than cleaning and storing an endless supply of bottles, you can keep your beer safe in a keg and simply fill a growler whenever you and your friends need a pint. All you need is at least one Growler and a handy little device known as a Growler Filler. There are a number of different gadgets that go by this name, but all of them are designed to allow you to fill your Growlers straight from the tap while virtually eliminating the risk of spillage. This way you'll get the speed of a bar tap pull without risking having to mop up any of your precious cargo. Most Growler Fillers employ a six inch to two foot tube that attaches to the tap and fills the growler from the bottom up. Some even have a trigger device at the bottom that allows you to cut off the flow of beer at the last possible second for maximum capacity.

Though growler fillers are available at most beer stores, you'll find that ours is affordably priced, made of strong, durable material - assisting you to keep enough fresh brew on hand for all your thirsty friends.

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quick delivery, well made, reasonably priced

quick delivery, well made, reasonably priced

Growler filler

Works great

Simple and easy.

Simplicity at its finest. Great for filler any vessel from bottom up for a trip to friends house or quick trip to camp.


Works great a little hard to get on and off but workes great

doesn't seal completely

the metal head doesn't seal in my or my friend's keggerator faucet nozzles. It is almost sealed but beer squeezes out and runs out slightly.

Recommend double checking the description to make sure you are using it with a compatible faucet, they do not work with all faucet brands. If it turns out to be on of the approved faucets please contact us for a replacement.

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Growler Filler

Growler Filler

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