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Karl's Ninety 90 Shilling Extract Beer Recipe Kit

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Karl Engebretson (whom many of you know through our catalog covers and ads in BYO and Zymurgy) is a certified Giant Norwegian with a taste for similarly-proportioned beers.

We have found he has a way with Scottish ales, and this is his 90 /-. Somewhere in between an 80 /- and a Wee Heavy, ninety also refers to the length (in minutes) of the boil. This additional time spent on heat intensifies the beer color and adds depth and breadth to its malt profile. Pouring garnet-amber with long legs, the nostrils are bathed in boozy praline, piloncillo sugar, pecan, and resonating malt.

Recommended: 2-stage fermentation and yeast starter.

Additional information



Beer Color Amber
Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 6 weeks
Regional Style British
Alcohol Content High
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style Irish and Scottish Ales
Fermentation Type Ale
Beer Recipe Kit Instructions Click here for recipe kit instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
This is 90.....Plus

I have been a long time fan of Odell's 90 schilling so my first ever home brew was of course this kit. The final product....we are calling it 90 PLUS. I feel the final taste and mouthfeel exceed the commercial product. The only glitch was flat beer at 2 weeks in the bottle. I shook the two cases of bottles and let them set another week to wake up the yeast. The carbonation and head retention are amazing. Final ABV was 6.4%. Great kit.

Could not achieve proper OG with ingredients included

I had terrible results with this extract kit. With over 5 years brewing experience and 100+ batches, i have never had such issues with obtaining the correct original gravity with a beer. After following instructions exactly, and adding additional sugar to the batch(i keg so i dont need priming), i achieved an OG of 1.041 vs an expected 1.066! Although the beer tastes ok, there is only an ABV of 3%.

We often see this sort of thing, and it's mostly got to do with the top-up water not being fully mixed into the wort, and so the hydrometer reading is a little off. I would not worry about it at all. With an extract beer kit, we figure you can assume the starting gravity is the correct number, if all the extract in the kit was used, and you made the batch to the correct batch size. If you did not use some of the extract for some reason, it would be lower, but if it was all used in the beer, the gravity will be where we expect it to be. I'd just figure it is indeed the right number to start, and not worry about it.
Great Brew!!!!!

Karl's Ninety Shilling was an amazing beer. Malty with just the right amount of bitterness to balance the beer. This is my 4th batch of beer and each has been delicious. This Ninety Shilling has some toffee flavor that really stands out. Excellent recipe. I'll certainly be making it again.


Great recipe. Have used it many times. I usually do all grain but this time switched to extract, Why? I just celebrated my 92 birthday and lugging the 3 gallons of wort was becoming a little difficult. Scottish Ale is one of my two favorites. just like the rich, full flavor and body of the 90 shilling beer.If that is what you want in your beer then this is the recipe and products. Now I am thirsty and I hear my name being called from my refrigerator.

Nice big beer

A favorite among our homebrew group. As soon as the keg is empty the questions about the next batch start.

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Karl's Ninety 90 Shilling Extract Beer Recipe Kit

Karl's Ninety 90 Shilling Extract Beer Recipe Kit

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