Mecca Grade Vanora (Vienna-style) Malt

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This Vienna- style malt shines in Vienna, Oktoberfest, and  Marzen beers.

Vanora (pronounced - \vuh·nor·uh\) is a high-kilned malt that is aromatically-rich, contributing slight walnut flavors and deep, golden hues to your beer, which comes from the small terrior in Central Oregon where the Mecca Grade Estate family farm and malthouse is located. Mecca grows their unique Heirloom variety of barley inside a 2 mile radius around their own malthouse. Inside their malthouse, their processing innovation of Mechanically Floor Malting producing a consistency and depth of flavor that creates a premium, artisan line of malts. 6.0°L

Additional information


C062I, W062I, G062K

Diastatic Power

100 - 120 or 110

Extract Percentage

78.9% - 80% or 79%



Moisture Percentage


Soluble Total Protien

10.5 - 11% or 10.7%

Grain Usage


Grain Type Domestic Base Malt
Malt Color Light (0-15° L)

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Mecca Grade Vanora (Vienna-style) Malt

Mecca Grade Vanora (Vienna-style) Malt