New Zealand Wakatu Hop Pellets

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Wild and pristine, New Zealand Wakatu hops derive personality from its lush and lively home landscape. A Down-Under take on Hallertau, Wakatu embodies the untamed wild with a zesty, barely-restrained array of magnificent flavor.
Imagine an alpha-acidified Hallertau, and youe got New Zealand Wakatu hops with a typical alpha range of 6.5-8.5%. Characterized by moderate bittering and restrained floral notes atop freshly zested lime. A descendent of Hallertau Mittelfruh, Wakatu is a very versatile southern hemisphere hop lending excellent bittering, flavor, and aroma properties.

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SKU HP110, HP110E
Hops Format Pellet
Country of Origin New Zealand/Pacific
Flavor Descriptors Citrus,Floral
Alpha Acid Medium (5-10%)

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New Zealand Wakatu Hop Pellets

New Zealand Wakatu Hop Pellets