Nitro Keg System

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A component kit for those who already have a ball-lock soda keg system. Includes nitrogen regulator, 5 lb. nitrogen cylinder, stout faucet with tap handle and 3 inch shank, plus all necessary tubing, clamps, fittings, ball lock disconnects, and instructions. The stout faucet is what creates that famous cascade of foam that slowly resolves itself into a pint of beer. When served "on nitrogen", a beer will have finer bubbles, a denser head, and a creamier mouthfeel than those carbonated and dispensed with CO2 alone. Fill the included nitrogen cylinder with beer gas (a blend of 70% nitrogen and 30% CO2, available at most gas supply companies) and prepare to live the dream.

Please note that by federal law, gas cylinders must be shipped empty; you'll need to have them filled locally. Look under "Gas Suppliers" in your Yellow Pages.

Guide to Nitrogen Kegging.

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Nitro Keg System