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Northern Brewer All Grain Cooler System

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We’ve taken our All-Grain Cooler System and added upgrades to provide the best possible brewing experience. The completely redesigned mash/lauter tun features thick insulation, a large 12+ gallon capacity and the first ever integrated thermometer. The large capacity will easily handle any 5 gallon brew you can throw its way, from session beers to Imperials, and it's even large enough to accommodate 10 gallon batches up to a gravity of 1.065.  

Featuring all stainless steel fittings including our proprietary bulkhead and Titan False Bottom, this system is designed to last. Steel reinforced and silicone gasketed mounting holes ensure a tight, leak-free hardware fit, and offer easy installation with top of the line brewing performance. Everything you need to mash, sparge and collect wort is included so no additional purchases are necessary. Just provide your boil kettle for a premium, robust brewing system.

The unique geometry of the mash/lauter tun and hot liquor tank makes storing your gear between batches even more convenient. Simply remove the valves and thermometer, and the hot liquor tank will nest perfectly inside the mash tun for the smallest possible footprint for storage.

Includes everything you need to mash and sparge your first All-Grain batch, right out of the box.

New to All-Grain? Check out our Crash Course in Mashing and Sparging.

NOTE: A full boil is required for All-Grain brewing, so a boil kettle with an 8 to 10 gallon capacity is highly recommended.

Full Kit Specs:

  • 12 gal. mash tun (16.75” diameter x 22” tall)
  • 7 gal. hot liquor tank (13.5” diameter x 18.5” tall)
  • Integrated thermowell with weldless thermometer in Mash/Lauter Tun
  • Stainless steel features: 2 Isoflow bulkheads, 2 ½” ball valves, 1 Imperial sparge arm, 1 Titan universal false bottom
  • 3.5’ of 3/8” ID thermoplastic tubing
  • 3.5’ of 3/8” ID Clear High-temp tubing
  • Storage Dimensions- 16.75” diameter x 22” tall and 28lbs.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Surprisingly High Quality

    I was actually amazed at the quality of all the components in this system. It is within range of what you pay for. The fittings and hardware are very well built and not cheap quality stuff. Like many have stated, I too noticed that the union of the dump valves and coolers are questionable. That is to be expected though when connecting a heavy quality valve to plastic. I don't think there will be any issue just as long as you are mindful of the valve and are careful with moving it around and cleaning it out. The sparge arm is a little flimsy but does what is supposed to do. I have done one all grain brew so far with this and was pleased with how it all worked. The mash temp stayed in range and only dropped a cpl degrees over an hour of steep. You def need to take in to account the mash tun temperature though. I brewed on a rather cool evening and had the tun sitting outside with me as it got everything going. When I put in my strike water the cooler sucked quite a bit of temp out of it prior to adding the grain. So I had to add some near boiling water to bring it back up before adding grain. The lids are are a little tricky at first to screw on and not cross but once you get the hang of how it needs to be set on before screwing it down its no big deal. I like the size of it because its large and very capable of brewing all 5 gallon batches and will even brew some low to medium gravity 10 gallon batches. In order to store them inside each other it all has to be taken apart. I don't think I will do that bc it would just add more stress to the valve and cooler connection every time. All in all, I very pleased with this setup so far.

    Cooler mash tun

    Works amazing! Best way to brew all grain!


    I sold it to one of my customers and they are very happy with it.


    Northern Brewer All Grain Cooler System

    Nice Kit

    It does exactly what it's supposed to do.

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    Northern Brewer All Grain Cooler System

    Northern Brewer All Grain Cooler System