Pin Lock Disconnect - 1/4" MFL Liquid

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Liquid Pin Lock disconnect with 1/4" MFL threaded fittings. Threaded MFL connection allows for easy disassembly of lines for cleaning. Connects to the liquid-out post on any Pin Lock home brew keg. 

Plus, the MFL connection also makes it easy to swap out this disconnect for a Ball Lock version (K011) if needed.

Requires beverage tubing that is equipped with a barbed swivel nut on the end. We recommend 3/16" ID tubing and the 3/16" Swivel Nut (K123) for the shorter lines in a normal kegerator. 1/4" ID tubing and a 1/4" Swivel Nut (K163) are ideal for longer draft lines. 

Our Foam Free tubing kits offer a ready-made solution with a Pin Lock disconnect (KX09).

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Pin Lock Disconnect - 1/4

Pin Lock Disconnect - 1/4" MFL Liquid