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Roggenbier All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

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A version of dunkelweizen (German dark wheat beer) that brewed with a large percentage of rye instead of wheat, Roggenbier is an old Bavarian specialty. Our kit exhibits a rich reddish-brown color and the pungent spiciness of rye malt with bready, malty overtones. Excellent with cold cuts and rye bread or crackers (of course!).

Additional information


1774, 1773

Beer Color Amber
Original Gravity


Total Time to Make 6 weeks
Regional Style German/Czech/Continental
Alcohol Content Medium
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style German Ales
Fermentation Type Ale
Beer Recipe Kit Instructions Click here for recipe kit instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tasty stuff

I made this beer and it came out just perfectly. Love the malt taste without overpowering the sweetness.
Need to brew soon again as its getting low,


Brewed the beer and have it secondary fermenter now and will bottle soon. Did a tasting with the amount I took to check gravity and beer was very good, flavor,color was excellent. Can’t wait for finished product after bottling.

Great flavor combination with the Belgian yeast option

Flavor came out great. I mashed at 154 with s dingle decoction to get to mash out omega Belgian yeast option. Only one word of caution: if you're buying this for the rye flavor, go with the traditional yeast option. The Omega W is a great performer. But the strong, estery Belgian flavor definitely overpowers the rye. The combination is great but if you're going for just rye, I wouldn't use it. Also, I seemed to have an issue with head retention. Probably something I did. Not sure if such s huge % of rye can affect that.

Still a favorite

As always, very well balanced, very tasty. If I want a German Roggenbier I'll use a German wheat yeast, just make sure you do a beta glucagon rest long enough to leach enough ferulic acid to get the 4 vinyl Guiacol (clove flavor and aroma) plus... is helps reduce gumminess Pluses USE ENOUGH KETTLE AND also...always...USE ENOUGH WATER, rye is a thirsty grain and IS gummy. When laughter ingredients I use a kettle liner available here at NB. Course weave. After mash out I can lift the liner with grins and all and suspend it above the kettle to drain! Place in a fermenter, add spare water, wait for 5 minuets then suspend the liner above the bucket. After wort ceases draining then add what is in the fermenter/bucket to the kettle. Top off if needed then proceed with a 90 minuet boil.
This kit is also a great base kit for Rye.P.A. Remove 2.5 to 3 pounds of the grist and replace with pale ale malt or Marris Otter and proceed to boil. Pitch a Burton yeast, Chico, whatever. Hope it up to your little bitter delight!

Still great!

Just like the last kit my second kit ed just as good. Using a German wheat yeast this is very authentic. I strongly suggest a beta Glucan rest along with a protein rest at 122°F or higher. A decoction added to bring it to the alpha sacc rest for 45 to 60 minutes and a second decoction to bring it to 156° F to 160°f to finish with an alpha sacc rest then mash out. This, to me, gives me a more authentic German flavor. Also use enough kettle because you will need more than the usual amount of water because rye is a thirsty grain. You don't want pudding.It's worth the extra steps, and Northern Brewer's instructions makes a tasty beer as well. I recommend a two step infusion if you want to skip the decoctions. 30 minutes @ 148° F and 30 minutes @ 156°F. I like 90 minuet mashed all around.I want to see what a Belgian yeast will do with this beer!

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Roggenbier All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

Roggenbier All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

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