June 20, 2019

History and Characteristics of Blond Ales

Blond Beer Recipe Kit

History of Blonds

Cloistered deep in the heart of European monasteries a beer emerges from its barrel. Inspired by the Czech Pilsner, the Blond ale was carefully created & perfected over the centuries by Trappist monks. It’s bright golden radiance makes it the fairest of the legendary Trappist beers. Carefully collected in the cups monks & locals alike, this is a beer that pours like liquid gold.

Characteristics of Blonds

Blonds are characterized by their golden or light yellow hue. They are often malty with hints of fruit undertones & gentle spicy phenolics. Compared to a Pilsner, it’s slightly thicker & is generally defined as medium-bodied.

Beer Kit: Lefse Blond

Feeling like your summer days could use the light of a blond? Our Lefse Blond is a golden hued, laidback addition that’s best served with a side of sunshine. Don’t let the Nordic heritage of its name deceive you, this Belgian style beer still carries the yeast profile of its darker Trappist siblings. It presents a heat of flavorful spice that’s well balanced by rich malty notes. The perfect pairing to any hot summer sunset.

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