June 20, 2019

History and Characteristics of IPAs

Hazy IPA in a Beer Mug

History of IPAs

There are an incredible variety of IPA beer options available today, but the first were originally created in England as an export to India (hence India Pale Ale). It crossed the perilous ocean to satisfy the palates of the brewer’s fellow countrymen conducting business overseas & cured a bit of homesickness. Hops were utilized as a preservative in order to avoid spoilage during the long journey abroad. Since those times, the IPA has undergone quite the evolution & countless interpretations now exist. It is the cornerstone piece to any brewery & its fanatics are often called, and rightly so, “Hopheads.”

Characteristics of IPAs

Known for its tongue punching bitterness & elevated hop flavor which is often followed by a potent aroma, IPAs are a dynamic powerhouse. They are a showcase for the plant we deeply adore, the dearly beloved & well worshipped, humulus lupulus. Hops for beer contain a veritable kaleidoscope of flavors. The range of characteristics is broad & deep -- from herbal, earthy, floral & grassy notes to citrusy, candy-like, piney or even resinous strokes of flavor. There are a multitude of factors that can manipulate the tastes & aromas that present themselves in hops. Specific cultivar, climatic growing conditions (terroir), & even the specific time they were harvested can influence certain hop characteristics into fruition.

Beer Kit: IPA Fruit Bazooka

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