October 23, 2018

Schluss Dunkel-Kellerbier Recipe

The name has to be that long so you have time to do a double decoction mash while you say it. A Munich-style dark lager, as brewed in Brewing TV - Episode 34: Decoction Day.

10.5 gallons, all-grain Target OG: 1.056 Grist: - 16.5 lbs Munich Malt - 0.75 lbs Weyermann CaraFoam - 0.75 lbs Melanoidin malt - 0.5 lbs Weyermann CaraAroma - 0.25 lbs Weyermann CaraFa III

Spezial Mash: There are many ways to de-integument a feline; here's what I did in the episode: Dough in at 95 F, direct heat MLT to raise temp to the ... Protein rest - 122 F Decoction 1 - pull 19 L thick mash, heat w/ rest at 158 F, boil & return to MLT Sacch' rest 1 - 148 F Decoction 2 - pull 9 L thick mash, boil & return to MLT Sacch' rest 2 - 158 F Mash out - pull ~4 gal thin mash, boil & return to MLT Boil: - 2 oz German Tradition (pellet) @ FWH Fermentation: - WLP833 German Bock lager, big starter - 10 days @ 55 F, then... A - racked to carboy, lager ~ 6 wks B - racked to keg, store cool ~ 10 days, then tap A will get the more conventional treatment - proper lager period, full dose of CO2 B will be the Kellerbier - served young, hazy, and at low vol. of CO2; you can read more about how I do that here 5 gallon extract version? Sure: Substitute 6.3 lbs Northern Brewer Munich malt syrup plus 1 lb Amber DME for the Munich malt in the grist; use half the quantity of the remaining grains (cause the recipe is for 10 gallons) and steep them as normal. Use 1.5 oz Tradition pellets at 60" for a partial-volume boil.