July 19, 2019

Mighty Axe Hop Farms: Welcome to the Future of Hops

Mighty Axe Hops has arrived! Growing from the very heart of Minnesota, this team of hop enthusiasts is positioned to deliver an exceptional hop experience to all homebrewers by transforming traditional hop varieties with customized hop processing.

Their commitment to exploring the true potential of terroir through uncommon harvesting, drying, and pelletizing methods is truly impressive. By constantly refining their process with research, Mighty Axe Hops is poised to become a hop growing powerhouse. These hopheads are on the cutting edge and what they’re doing differently than the industry titans.

Hops in palm of hands

David vs Goliath

At just 80 acres of Minnesotan soil, Mighty Axe Hops is considered tiny compared to the 1000 acre farms inhabiting the west coast. These hop enthusiasts don’t consider it a disadvantage. The size difference allows them the opportunity to tweak or abandon the traditional growing methods that have defined the hop industry since the beginning. 

By harvesting hops past what’s considered their optimal ripe time, drying hops at under 120ºF(well below what’s standard practice), Mighty Axe Hops came across a discovery. Through these unorthodox methods their hops began to express unique and distinct flavors that completely set them apart from the traditional characteristics that define a specific hop variety. The differences were so drastic they even renamed them. Take a look at some of these delicious Mighty Axe hop varieties.

Their size and location also allows a level of intimacy with the local beer community. They have a direct line of feedback from local breweries that buy their hops - bigger plantations don’t. Brewers want to know everything about what goes into the beer they brew - from water quality to the fertilizers that were used on their ingredients, every detail is integral to producing high-quality and satisfying results. That’s why the principles that define Mighty Axe Hops are from the foundation of the craft brewing ethos: creativity, innovation, and keeping it local. 

Looking for a taste of these hops? Check out these Minnesotan breweries that have been brewing their beers with Mighty Axe Hops.

Adding Midwestern Terroir to Hops

The rock stars of the hop world don’t come from the Midwest. They’re either grown on the west coast where snow fall from the nearby mountains irrigates the fields or the eastern states that surround the great lakes. Some exceptions exist, but the universal agreement of where to grow the highest quality hops hangs on the 45th parallel.

Farms near the equator get tons of sunlight. Which causes the hops to ripen too early and if they’re located too far north they can’t mature fast enough before winter arrives. The 45th parallel cuts right through the center of Minnesota and Mighty Axe Hops just happens to be located at 45.7º. A prime position. Not too hot and not too cold. While Minnesota may have unpredictable springs and humid summers that can cause issues for hop growth, Mighty Axe Hops is gradually establishing the state as a producer of high quality hops.

Ready to brew something new with Mighty Axe Hops? Make your selection from these hop pellets.