October 23, 2018

Big Brew for National Homebrew Day 2012

Ready to get your Big Brew on?

May 5, 2012 is National Homebrew Day. And what better way to celebrate - then by making some beer! The American Homebrewers Association suggests two brown ale recipes for this year's Big Brew. Check out this link for Bucksnort Brown Ale (American Brown Ale) and Ardley Brown Ale (Northern English Brown Ale) recipes.

Traditionally, clubs and friends gather to make these recipes for a sense of national community. But you can brew whatever you want - hey, it's homebrewing!

And just to give you an idea of what some of your fellow homebrewers doing:

D'UH Homebrew Club (Delaware) will be brewing with club members including newly-elected AHA Governing Committee member Ron Price. The club bought an oak barrel that their beer will be fermented in.

Barely Legal Homebrew Club (South Jersey/Philadelphia area) is doing it up BIG. Brewing in the parking lot of Iron Hill Brew Pub with a dee-jay, door prizes, auction, barbecue, and seven jockey boxes. Plus, Iron Hill makes a mash in the brewhouse and then members can buy the wort at cost. They say it helps extract brewers get an idea of how the all-grain process works.

What is your club doing for Big Brew? Leave a comment below.

Get Big Brewin'!

Chip Walton
NB Video Dork / Brewing TV