October 23, 2018

Farley's Feature - Innovation

Prior to the current craft beer explosion, innovation was anathema to fans of great beer. Innovation meant Miller Clear Beer and Bud Dry (why ask why?). Real beer was not innovative, it was traditional. Pilsner Urquell was a good beer partly because it was brewed in open-topped, wax-lined oak fermentation tanks, exactly the way they did it back in the 1800s. Caledonian 80/- was a great Scottish Ale because it was boiled in traditional copper kettles. Good beer was good beer because the brewers of these beers suffered and toiled to make them, as was the tradition!

Now fast forward to the present day. The American beer scene, with its homebrew roots, is the most exciting, vibrant craft beer scene in the world. And there's nothing traditional about it. American brewers are constantly innovating — both in terms of ingredients (Grapefruit Sculpin, anyone?), and in terms of process and equipment. Thankfully, innovation is cool!

Here at Northern Brewer, we've made a deliberate decision to be more than just a homebrewing supplier. We employ a dedicated team of brewers who do nothing but brew beer and help us deliver new and exciting brewing innovations. We are investing in new technologies and ideas to make hobby brewing easier and more reliable. To name a few:

  • Fast Pitch
  • The Center Of Gravity
  • Unbreakable False Bottoms
  • Big Mouth Bubblers — NOW SIPHONLESS!

As you flip through the pages of this latest catalog or browse our website, we're sure that you'll notice the many new products introduced lately. You'll want to check back often to see what's new. Because as we are so fond of saying here at Northern Brewer, we won't rest until you brew your best!

Chris Farley - Founder of Northern Brewer