October 23, 2018

Classic State Fair Food & Beer Pairing


Why do we go to the State Fair? To eat all of the delicious things. Why else do we go to the State Fair? To drink beer. But timing is everything. Namely: timing your food purchases to coincide with the ideal beer pairing.

Without further ado: what to drink at this year's Minnesota State Fair, based on what you're eating.

Sweet Martha’s Cookies + Uffda Ale


The myth, the legend: Sweet Martha’s. Curious cookie monsters come from near and far for these melty slices of wonder. If you plan to indulge in Minnesota’s most iconic dessert, why not drink a beer named after one of our classic catchphrases, too? Thanks, Beaver Island.

Nordic Waffles + Maple Bacon Brown


Prepare yourself for double-fisted brunch. Excelsior Brewing Company’s brown ale is brewed with real Minnesota maple syrup and garnished with a slice of bacon. With that drink in one hand and a waffle in the other, that’s brunch on the go, baby.

Cheese Curds + Raspberry Champow


Who doesn’t love a good wine + cheese night? Bent Brewstillery’s Raspberry Champow uses “red raspberries and champagne-varietal grapes” to make a drink that’s two parts beer, one part celebratory glass of bubbly.

________-on-a-stick + Frontier Summer IPA


Sausages. Spring rolls. Spaghetti and meatballs. Mashed potatoes. Man, oh man, you can get literally anything on a stick at the State Fair. So, what’s the solution? A beer that pairs well with anything, of course! Fulton Brewing describes this brew as “not overly bitter but light and approachable.”

Turkey Legs + Helles Ya, You Betcha!


So you want to walk around the fair looking like a viking straight out of the medieval food hall? Good on ya. Why not carry around a cask of beer that Summit Brewing Co. describes as having “a touch of fresh blood,” too? Oh… our bad. That’s: “a touch of fresh blood orange.”

Deep-fried Oreos + Cake’d Up Celebration Beer


You’re eating a deep-fried oreo, which means that your arteries are already two clogs away from early cardiac arrest. Why not just dive all the way in? Mankato Brewery describes their state fair submission as a “deep-fried cake-flavored” beer. Let’s do it.


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