September 21, 2020

Center of Gravity Brewing Sculpture Instructions

Although the Center of Gravity is no longer available, you may still have questions if you already own one.

Center of Gravity® Brew Sculpture Complete Instructions

The Center of Gravity® is built to brew right out of the box. Everything you need from burners to propane lines. Virtually tool-free setup. A tiny total footprint of just one square meter. Quick, compact storage. Center of Gravity® is the first all-in-one brew stand that you can set up in 15 minutes and break down to fit in a hockey bag.

An innovative design delivers a structure both powerful and portable. Sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight, the Center of Gravity® brew stand clocks in at a mere 90 lbs. Choose where you want to have your brew day, the same day. The Center of Gravity® is easy to move and even to travel with--break it down and throw it in the trunk of your car for the ultimate brew-cation! Also perfect for brewers who lack the storage space for a more permanently assembled brew stand.

Additional Features:

  • Made in the USA from domestic and imported components.
  • 3 burner elements boasting 65,000 BTUs per tier!
  • 3-way manifold and propane lines included
  • Quick clamps for tool-free assembly.
  • Gravity-Fed

Each burner tier is roughly 19 inches apart, easily accommodating kettles that are up to 19 inches tall, while still allowing gravity to do the work. Our 15 gallon MegaPot 1.2 is the perfect size for 5 or 10 gallon batches on this brew stand. Be sure to choose kettles that are equipped with a ball-valve for the best performance.

Your Hot Liquor Tank will sit on the very top tier, ready to provide pre-heated sparge water when you're done with the mash.

The middle tier is reserved for your Mash Tun. This is the ideal height for monitoring strike temperature, adding grains, checking mash pH, and watching the flow-rate of the sparge. Precision burner valves allow for direct firing of the mash tun, keeping mash temperatures accurate and allowing even the most complex of step mashes to be performed.

At 26 inches from the floor, the bottom burner tier will hold your boil kettle, ready to catch the runoff from your mash tun. Once you've boiled the wort and used a wort chiller, conveniently drain directly into your sanitized fermentor.

Each burner can be controlled independently too. Heat the sparge water while you mash, or start preparing strike water for a second batch, while finishing the boil on the first.

Add our MegaPot 1.2 Pro All-Grain Brewing System for the ultimate all grain brewing stand.