October 23, 2018


In Brewing TV epsiode 54: Jake's got a Brand New Bag, I walked viewers through my 4th brew in a bag to date.  The brew day went smooth, and I finally hit my target OG.  The recipe was simple; a sessionable CDA, nothing crazy.  Below is the recipe. Cheers! For 3 gallon batch @ OG - 1.060

Put five gallons water into 8-gallon kettle Strike water to 160F. Line inside of kettle with mesh/straining bag. Pour in all grains (grist below). Stir well, bust up any clumps, Get water temp to 152-154F with heat or a bit of cool water (if needed). Mash at that temp. for 75 min. Goose heat as needed.

Grist Bill 5.25 lbs American 2-Row 0.5 lb Carafa III 1.25 lbs Medium Crystal

After that 75 min has passed, take soaked grain bag out and drain above kettle in strainer (preferable) or colander until liquid has mostly been drained. Remove strainer/bag.

Jake's pre-boil gravity at this point was: 1.052 (13BRIX)

Bring to a boil. Add hops as scheduled. 60 min  - .5 oz.  blend of Mt. Ranier, Palisade and Centennial pellets 10 min -  1 oz.  blend of Mt. Ranier, Palisade and Centennial pellets 5  min - 1.5 oz  blend of Mt. Ranier, Palisade and Centennial pellets

Finish boil. Cool wort to pitching temp. Pitch yeast - Safale US05

Click here for the recipe kit instructions.

And you just made all-grain beer. Boom. All for brew, brew for all - Jake