October 23, 2018

Open Fermentation of Homebrew


"...open fermentation should only be considered in the brewing of fast-matured and quickly bottled ales ..." - The New Complete Joy of Homebrewing, 2nd Edition

Yeah! What Charlie said!

An open-fermented mild ale I brewed this spring has already been chronicled in this blog. And Brewing TV has the goods on my open-fermented Weissbier with Wyeast 3068. Which brings me around to writing down some experiential gleanings (otherwise I might forget - that's why it's nice to have this blog).

  1. Now is not the time to relax. Sanitize that stuff. RDWHAHB later, after your fruity, estery, non-contaminated open-fermented ale is packaged.
  2. Probably shouldn't ferment a lager or a barley wine this way. Brew a fast-matured, quickly bottled (or kegged) ale.
  3. Don't go on vacation during open fermentation (hey, that one even rhymes ...). Pitch yeast on Friday night, rack it to a closed fermenter on Monday after work.