October 23, 2018

How to Steep Grains When Home Brewing

While Malt Extract is great on it's own, adding specialty grains will help your homebrew measure up to what you would find at your local brewery or beer store.

During the Grain Steeping process, you will inject more flavor, color and/or body to your brew.

The process is much like steeping tea, but with a larger amount of ingredients and a longer steep.  

Steeping the Grains in Your Beer Recipe Kit:

  • Add your grain to the Muslin Bag included with your recipe (Over the sink prevents a grain dust mess)
  • Tie off the open end, leaving room for the grains to be loose throughout the bag
  • gently drop the bag into the warming water.  The grains may float, so use a spoon to help submerge and saturate them.
  • We suggest steeping for 20 minutes.  If you started with cool water and have your heat source on medium heat, this timing should be perfect. 
  • After 20 minutes, remove the bag with your spoon.  Let it drain out back into the pot but do not squeeze it.
  • Discard the grains/bag (There are plenty of creative ways to use the "spent" grains.  We love our pretzels)