October 23, 2018

Primo Bottling I: EZ-Cap

A bottle of beer is only as good as its contents. However, sharp packaging can make every bottle opening a bit more like Christmas. Here is a simple and easy option I used for my 140 Schilling Ale. EZ-Cap bottles: I simply sanitized and filled the 1 liter EZ-Cap bottles with my 140 Schilling. I then cut 10 inch labels that I printed on my computer on regular printer paper. Then, I folded each label in half, ran it through the bale and stapled as near the fold as I could.

Many Schilling Finished Beer

The stickers served to keep the label in place and protect it from tearing and will also help to classify it laying on its side in the cellar. The stickers I used are glossy and slightly embossed. I think the quality of the sticker will determine the quality of classiness of the final display. The EZ-Caps were very easy and quick and look great. You would need 19 EZ-Cap liter bottles (2 cases, with 5 leftover bottles) for a typical 5 gallon batch of beer. Supplies: -One liter EZ-Cap Bottles -Printer paper -Stickers


Scottish Man Schilling Fermenting


Rinsing and draining a bottle


Fermenting Bucket


Bottle filler


Studying brewing notes


EZ Cap Bottles with Swing Tops
3 Swing Tops full and labeled


Top view of Swing-Top Bottles