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1/4 ID Barbed Swivel Nut

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A convenient threaded fitting for all types of beverage tubing connections. Make your kegerator lines easy to remove for cleaning. Ideal for swapping out different types of keg connections or for hooking up your draft bottle filler when you need it.

Connects to any 1/4" MFL fitting: soda keg disconnects, CO2 Regulator, CO2 gas distributor, and even our MFL threaded Beer Shank Tail Piece (K027).

This 1/4" ID barbed Swivel Nut works with 1/4" ID beverage tubing and must be secured with Worm Gear or Oetiker clamps.

Tip: Dipping the end of the tubing in boiling water will soften it and make it easier to slide onto the barb.

We recommend a flared nylon washer (K127) for any metal-to-metal connections, especially when used for CO2 lines. This will help prevent any leaks.

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1/4 ID Barbed Swivel Nut

1/4 ID Barbed Swivel Nut