Briess Aromatic Malt

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Beginning slightly sweet and delivering an array of toasted flavors, this aromatic malt is smooth and clean with a slightly dry finish. Contributes light brown and orange color as well as an intensely malty flavor in any beer.
A European-style Munich Malt that provides, clean, intensely malty flavor. Typically used in Oktoberfest, Bock or Belgian style beers, this malt is a fantastic complement to any beer needing a more malty flavor and aroma. Produced in the U.S. from recommended AMBA/BMBRI 2-Row Malting Barley varieties

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SKU C041I, W041I, G041K
Diastatic Power 20
Extract Percentage 77
Lovibond 20
Moisture Percentage 2.5
Grain Usage 50
Grain Type Lightly Kilned / Toasted Malt
Alpha Amylase 25

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Briess Aromatic Malt

Briess Aromatic Malt