October 23, 2018

Dry Dock Brewing: Pro Series Beer Kits

Dry Dock Pro Series

Silver Medal Winner, 2008 Great American Beer Festival. Don’t judge a book by its cover, never judge a beer by its ABV. It may be mild in gravity, but this sessionable dark mild has big flavor. In fact, with less alcohol in the way, the true nuances of British malts have a chance to shine. Think biscuity, nutty undertones with gentle toffee and chocolate-like roast character, wrapped up in a smooth, full body. Balanced drams like this one are why British pint glasses are bigger.

Dry Dock Brewing Company of Aurora CO is one of the hottest up and coming breweries in the US. In the 6 years that it has been open, it has racked up more than a dozen World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festival medals, including Small Brewing Company of the Year. But to try one of their amazing brews you’d have to live in the tiny section of Colorado they cater to. Good thing for the rest of us Dry Dock has worked closely with Northern Brewer to develop these Pro-Series beer kits. We’ve sourced the same ingredients and kept all the recipe particulars the same, just scaled down to your homebrewery. Enjoy!


Urca Vanilla Porter Instructions
Paragon Apricot Blonde Instructions


Urca Vanilla Porter Instructions
Paragon Apricot Blonde Instructions 


Urca Vanilla Porter

Partial Mash        All-Grain 


Paragon Apricot Blonde