March 27, 2024

Homebrewing with Root Shoot Malting's Award-Winning Malt

Root Shoot Malting Sign with Sunset

Root Shoot Malting prides itself on making world-class malt for homebrewers and professional brewers. The family-farm and malt house located in Loveland, Colorado, grows and malts its own barley and grains, putting a unique touch on each one. Many of Root Shoot’s delicious base and specialty malt varieties are made from Genie 2-row spring barley, but they also have innovative products such Oland Malted Wheat produced from a Scandinavian wheat variety prized for bread breaking.

They are also the most awarded craft malting company in the world, medaling in the Craft Maltsters Guild’s Malt Cup competition each year that it’s been held. As such Northern Brewer is very excited to carry their malts and help bring them into your home brewery. In the video below we talk with fifth-generation farmer Todd Olander and head maltster Mike Myers to learn more about Root Shoot’s base and specialty malts – including Genie Pale, English Pale, Pilsner, Light Munich, and Malted Oland Wheat – and get expert advice for using them in your homebrew. Find our full collection of Root Shoot Malts here.

How is Craft Malt Judged?

Craft beer (and homebrew!) isn't the only thing judged and awarded at competitions. Craft malt also goes through multiple rounds of analysis and critique to honor the world's best malthouses. The major global competition for craft malt is The Malt Cup presented by the Craft Maltsters Guild. Root Shoot is no stranger to the winner’s circle at the event. The company has medaled each year they’ve entered competition, most recently in 2024 winning Gold for Munich 10, Gold for Huffman White Wheat Malt, and Bronze for Genie Pale. In the video below, maltster Mike Myers explains the inner workings of the Malt Cup. Learn much more about malt production and usage in our Northern Brewer University online course, Ingredient Series: Malt.

Thumbnail Image to Youtube Video, "How is Craft Malt Judged?"

Root Shoot Malting's Malt Cup Medals

2019: Genie Pale, Gold & Best in Show
2020: Munich 10, Bronze
2021: Genie Pale, Bronze
2022: English Pale, Bronze
2023: Munich 10, Gold
2023: Vienna, Gold
2023: Genie Pale, Silver
2023: Pilsner, Gold & Best in Show
2024: Genie Pale, Bronze
2024: Munich 10, Gold
2024: Wheat Malt, Gold (Northern Brewer offer's Root Shoot Malting's Heritage Olandsvete Wheat Malt as an alternative to their Wheat malt listed here.)