June 20, 2019

History and Characteristics of Pilsner

Pilsner - Summer Beer Recipe

History of Pilsner

Brewed in the 1840s to a Czech Republic town called Plzen(Pilsen) the Pilsner combines lagering techniques with very pale light malt. The light drinkability & refreshing qualities within this beer made it very accessible to the general public. It quickly found homes in pint glasses across the rest of Europe & the world.

Characteristics of Pilsner

Pilsners are focused on balance & harmony. It’s coloring is a consistently clear pale yellow & is often crowned by a head of long lasting foam. They often incorporate Saaz hops which imbue the brew with a light tangy spice & allows for a moderate level of bitterness to present itself. Herbaceous or floral notes are mellow.

Beer Kit: Czech Pilsner

If you’re longing for a style that’s well balanced, refreshing & has proven itself a standard in delicious, you have to brew our Czech Pilsner. The picture perfect definition of captured sunlight in liquid form, this medium bodied beer has a spicy hop flavor that dances in harmony with a bready yet slightly sweet maltiness. It’s a light, easy drinking lager with a complex technical side you’ll want to take seriously & a popularity that needs no introduction.

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