April 29, 2021

24th Annual Big Brew Day 2021 -

24th Annual Big Brew Day 2021

Go Big Brew or Go Home

May 1, 2021 is National Homebrew Day! And what better way to celebrate than by collectively brewing some beer. Each year the American Homebrewers Association announces two recipes for Big Brew and this year they’ve chosen Janet’s Brown Ale and Star Gazer IPA - which we’ve bundled together into two easy kits so you have all the ingredients you’ll need.

Traditionally, both clubs and friends come together for a sense of community by making these recipes - but brewing your own recipe or kit of your choice is encouraged as well! It’s all about gathering and sharing in the craft.

Brewing Around the World

Join the thousands of other brewers who are gathering for the 24th annual Big Brew.

Meet This Year’s Brews

Janet's Brown Ale

Janet’s Brown Ale has quite the pedigree. Mike “Tasty” McDole took home a medal when this recipe won gold in the Brown Ale category in the National Homebrew Competition (NHC) in 2004. The award-winning recipe was then featured in Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer’s book, Brewing Classic Styles, as an example of a bigger, hoppier American Brown Ale. In 2009, McDole took gold again at the NHC with an updated recipe that he categorized as Imperial Brown Ale, but this time in the Specialty Beers category. Though Janet’s Brown Ale deviates a bit from the style guidelines for a traditional American Brown Ale, surely you will not be upset by the higher IBUs and ABV after taking a sip!

Instructions for Janet's Brown Ale - Extract

Instructions for Janet's Brown Ale - All Grain

Star Gazer Double IPA

This hazy double IPA was formulated to showcase the tropical and juicy aromas from BSG Hops’ Zamba™ blend and the minty and green-apple aroma notes from German Polaris hops. The grist is typical for the style, with a little boost from sucrose to increase wort gravity without adding non-fermentables or additional malt flavor. The hopping schedule and yeast strain are intended to set the stage for aroma retention and biotransformation while keeping hop bitterness in check.

Instructions for Star Gazer Double IPA - Extract

Instructions for Star Gazer Double IPA - All Grain

Homebrewers of all levels are encouraged to participate! So fire up the kettle and raise a glass to a rewarding hobby. Keep an eye out for next year's recipes!

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