October 23, 2018

Transferring Wort

Once the fermenter and equipment has been decontaminated and the wort chilled, it is time to transfer the wort from the kettle to the fermenter.

Ideally, we leave as much as the sludge in the kettle as possible. If some gets into the fermenter, that is OK- we just want to limit that amount. We will also be aerating the wort in this step- this process adds oxygen that the yeast need to be healthy, as well as mix up the wort and water. This process is done by either swirling the wort around in a closed fermenter, or by using a diffusion stone (such as the one found in our oxygenation kit) to inject oxygen directly into the wort. 

Some brewers will elect to use a stainless steel strainer as they pour the wort into the fermenter. Using a strainer will remove some of the sludge from the wort, and also help aerate the wort as it is poured into the fermenter.