How To Build a Keezer or Freezer Kegerator

A complete guide to building a keezer or freezer kegerator.

Converting a chest freezer into the ultimate homebrew kegerator is easy. Besides, when you open the lid of a fully loaded keezer and reveal 5-6 (or more) gleaming stainless-steel kegs of your own beer, your friends will know you’re serious. Homebrew kegs are approximately 9 inches in diameter and 24 inches tall. Keep this in mind when you are shopping for a freezer, so you can estimate how many kegs you’ll be able to fit in a particular model. You may also want to determine if the CO2 tank will also be inside the keezer.

Once you have your freezer, a CO2 distributor manifold will be needed to supply CO2 to all the kegs. This is easy to add to any keg system with a CO2 regulator. We would recommend using MFL swivel nut connections for all the gas lines so the system can be easily reconfigured if needed. A single body regulator can supply CO2 to all the kegs, but consider a double body model if you’d like to run two different serving pressures or force carbonate one keg while serving beer from the others.

Our Draft Brewer™ Cold Crash™ Keezer kit makes the liquid side easy. Simply choose as many faucet kits as you have kegs in the keezer. Add more at any time.

Finally, a digital temperature controller, like our ThermoStar™ Dual-Mode Temperature controller, makes dialing-in precise serving temperatures a breeze. It will also prevent the freezer from freezing your beer.

To recap, you will need: