Fermenter's Favorites® Oxygen Wash

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Put the power of oxygen to work in your brewery! Our specially formulated oxygen cleanser breaks down organic deposits so that they easily rinse away, leaving no residue behind. Use it to clean just about everything in your brewery; kettles, bottles, fermentors, hoses, and more. It even works great for getting stubborn labels off bottles.

Harness the power of oxygen to make cleaning your brewing equipment easier and faster! Fast acting Fermenter's Favorites® Oxygen Wash tears through built up deposits on your brewing equipment. It helps loosen organic materials in minutes and rinses clean leaving no residue behind.

Instructions: Use 1 oz per gallon for general cleaning, 2 oz per gallon for heavy soils.

Best when used in combination with a dedicated sanitizer like Star San.

Note: It safe to use Fermenter's Favorites® Oxygen Wash on glass, plastic, and stainless steel, but is not recommended for use on aluminum. Our oxygen wash is also great for removing stubborn labels from bottles.

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Fermenter's Favorites® Oxygen Wash

Fermenter's Favorites® Oxygen Wash