June 20, 2019

History and Characteristics of Saisons

Saison - Summer Beer Recipe

History of Saisons

Brewed by the dirt manicured hands of Belgian farmers, Saison’s are often referred to as  farmhouse ales. This is a beer of thirst quenching function & ever changing style. Versatile in its design -- the Saison openly welcomes changes to its recipes. A beer that was often improvised on the fly with whatever was available or on hand at the time. It found a broad appeal among day laborers & was sometimes used as a form of payment or work incentive during the strenuous farming season of summer. It’s a clean, refreshing beverage that always holds the twist of surprise.

Characteristics of Saisons

Saisons are usually very dry, with an alcohol content a bit higher than normal. Coloring can range from a coppery amber to a golden hue. The yeasts used in Saisons ferment well at very high temperatures & tend to produce fruity or spicy flavors.

Beer Kit: Lemondrop Saison

Enticed by the refreshing, versatile form of the Saison? Invite one to your table this summer. When life gives you lemons, drop them in your beer! The Lemondrop Saison hides a moderate bitterness within its golden depths, surrounded by a splash of lemony citrus that’s interspersed with melon & herbal notes. It’s a combination that perfectly harmonizes with the fruity esters & spicy phenolics of Lemondrop hops. Grab life by the lemons & make some beer!

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