Brewhouse Ignition Pack

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You've proven yourself as a brewing prodigy. It's time to step up your game and build out your brewhouse.

Epic flames of the Dark Star® Burner 2.0 blast your wort to boiling in under 20 minutes. Full-volume capacity of the Megapot 1.2 Kettle increases hop utilization and flavor profile. Ultra-efficient cooling with the copper chiller boosts clarity and wards off infection, saving you over an hour of time on brew day besides.

Get out of the kitchen and don't just make better beer, make more of it. Skyrocket quality and efficiency and start making the most of your brew day.


  • 8 Gallon Megapot 1.2 Brew Kettle
  • Dark Star® Burner 2.0
  • Copper Immersion Chiller

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Brewhouse Ignition Pack

Brewhouse Ignition Pack