March 14, 2019

Homebrewing with a Deluxe Homebrew Starter Kit

Brewing with a Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit

If beer is life, this is the kit for you!  Our Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit gives you a lot of equipment, but we are here to guide you through using it.  Extend your passion to this wonderful new hobby!

This brewing kit allows for a two-stage fermentation process.  This process delivers a clearer, clean-tasting beer.  It also the opens the brewery doors to brewing a wider variety of beer styles on future batches.


Along with all of the equipment you will need, and detailed instructions on how to use this kit, you also receive your choice of one of our three most popular Recipe kits. 

Caribou Slobber Brown Ale

Irish Red Ale

Chinook IPA

You will need a 4-5  gallon kettle and about 50 empty beer bottles to successfully brew with this kit.  Check-out our Homebrew Kit - Beer Bottles, Kettle, Digital Thermometer, and Spoon