Edelmetall Brü® Premium Brew Kettle (8, 10, 15, 20, 30 Gallon)

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Introducing the most feature-rich, pro-quality brew kettle at an incredible price. Edelmetall Brü® is the first home brew kettle to feature a weldless tangential whirlpool port, allowing you to draw ultra-clear wort into your fermentor.

Zero internal threads for easy cleaning. The Edelmetall Brü® thermometer, tangential whirlpool port and EZ Clean™ Bulkhead have no threads on the kettle interior. 

Transfer every last drop of wort. Edelmetall Brü® features our patent-pending IsoFlow™ diptube, a fully-rotating snap-in accessory that draws down to within1/8"" from the bottom of the kettle.

Best of all, the Edelmetall Brü® is equipped with all the features of a pro-quality kettle: 304 Stainless Steel, 4mm tri-clad bottom, stay-cool silicone handles, etched gallon markers and the adjustable-angle Edelmetall Brü® thermometer. A kettle fit for a king, yet priced for the people.

The first brew kettle ever to feature a weldless tangential whirlpool port. The Cyclonic Whirlpool inlet creates a whirlpool to pull debris to the center of your kettle, allowing the transfer of ultra-clear liquid. Better, yet, the constant movement of wort allows rapid chilling and a more effective cold break when used with an immersion wort chiller.

The revolutionary EZ Clean bulkhead is equipped with internal o-rings, allowing the IsoFlow dip tube to slide right in. Once installed, it can be fully rotated to your desired position and easily removed for cleaning.

Now featuring pro-quality 304 Stainless Steel.

Wall Thickness: 0.8 mm (8 and 10 gallon), 1.0 mm (15, 20, and 30 gallon)

Kettle Size Capacity Diameter Height
8 Gal. 32 qt. (30.2 L) 12.6" 15.4"
10 Gal. 40 qt. (37.8 L) 14.1" 16.3"
15 Gal. 60 qt. (56.7 L) 15.7" 18.3"
20 Gal. 80 qt. (75.7 L) 17.7" 20.8"
30 Gal. 120 qt. (113.5 L)  19.7" 23.2"

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Brew Kettle Gift


I ordered this as a Christmas gift. Unfortunately, the wrong item arrived and was not discovered until gift opening. HOWEVER, when we notified the store of the error, the staff were pleasant and the correction occurred promptly.

I know that the Brew Kettle has been used already and he is EXTREMELY PLEASED with it!

Thanks much,

Bru Kettle is solid with a few tweeks

This thing is a beast, definitely going to be able to handle 15g brews without worry of a boil over. Shipping was fast and it arrived intact, the double boxing helped I'm sure. First brew went off without a hitch, the drain valves made emptying easy, really need a pump now to maximize this kettle though. Clean up is easy as the stainless steel parts assemble and disassemble pretty easy. I did flip the temp gauge around so it would aim up vs down, simple enough to do and I will be adding a lock nut and have one part machined to accept a wrench of some type to get it tight to my comfort level. The lid could fit a little better, maybe a rolled edge at the kettle top verses the flared top.

All in all a great beginner kettle and a good intermediate kettle that should last for years of service.

Working great, arrived as expected

needs a little elbow grease when putting together, but all connections were standard so modifications are simple to have a great brew setup!

Great to work with, challenging to put together

Great pot, easy to brew with. It can be tedious to connect the various ports to the pot after it arrived. It took longer than I expected.

You won't regret this purchase!

I was hesitant to invest so much in another kettle, but it has proven itself to be the best kettle I own (and nicest looking too, I might add). From the heavy-duty bottom plate to nice fixtures, this is a great kettle and made my brew day a breeze! Heat was evenly distributed, so the boil was constant and steady. The lid fits well, and using a wort pump and plate chiller, I had no concerns about contamination after the boil. There was very little wort left at the end with the IsoFlow, and clean-up was a breeze. I don't own anything "higher end" than this, but I don't see what features I'd want that this kettle doesn't have.

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Edelmetall Brü® Premium Brew Kettle (8, 10, 15, 20, 30 Gallon)

Edelmetall Brü® Premium Brew Kettle (8, 10, 15, 20, 30 Gallon)