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Jacked-Up Nitro Cold Brew Keg System

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Introducing the first system that gives you cutting-edge cold-brewed coffee on nitro--in the convenience of your own home. Transform every sensory experience of drinking coffee, as baristas and coffee aficionados are doing all over the country. Cold press on nitro looks cooler, smells deeper, tastes smoother and feels creamier. Serve it from a keg just like the best english stouts. Nitrogen cascades down the sides of your favorite glass, leaving you with velvety coffee capped with an unbelievably smooth, fluffy crema head. Cold brew on nitro is a whole new coffee drinking experience.

Kit Includes:

  • Cannonball® 1.75 Gallon Mini-Keg
  • Nitro Snap Tap
  • Nitrogen Cartridge & Regulator
  • Complete Instructions
When you serve cold press on nitro, it not only tastes better, it extends the shelf life of your cold brew to at least two weeks, and sometimes up to a month! The Nitro Snap Tap is easy to use for sharing-friendly serving, and the Cannonball® is ultra-portable, so you can serve cutting-edge cold brew in your kitchen, the office, or even on a picnic! Brew your own cold press or use your favorite concentrate, store it in your fridge and keep the caffeine comin

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Customer Reviews

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Only for rare use

My fault for not look at the price for the N2 cartridges before buying but if you are a coffee addict or someone who is looking to serve nitro beer often (more than a few times before selling the regulator), save your money and buy a real reg and N2 tank. You will break even extremely fast, instead of spending $25 per cartridge. The keg is great and so is the faucet itself (not ideal mounted on the ball lock fitting).

Hi Grant, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. I'm sorry to hear about the disappointment with the Jacked-Up Nitro System. A member of our team will be reaching out to you shortly.

It won't give you that creamy cascading effect due to the regulator maxing out at about 25 PSI. It still gets a nice mouthfeel at that low pressure but not what I expected. Make sure to take apart any joints that are already assembled and seal them properly, also leak check after assembled. Not doing so will cause a $20 nitro cartridge to be emptied in a few days. Mine had a leak on the fitting on the regulator, but I didn't discover it until it was pressured up so all my gas leaked out anyway.

So far, not so good...

Like the reviewer in June I can't get enough nitro in the coffee for it to drink like a true nitro tap poured coffee...

Good idea, quality of components varies

I bought this set-up due to geography. I had some nitro-brew and loved it but nearest place to get it to my home is almost 40 minutes away. So, I thought this may be the way to go. I do have some buyer's remorse. The system itself works (sort-of). The keg is quality. The components are hit and miss, with the regulator not working correctly. I lost most of nitro cartridge on first assembly and had to start over (an $18 snafu). Combined with the 'process' of making the brew and the amount you get in the end, and the quality of the final product (a little bit thin feeling), I'd skip it now and probably wouldn't recommend. You can buy cans of this stuff at a major online retailer at a cost of around $4.37/can, and I suspect that it won't be long before this stuff is available everywhere, so unless you have a real desire to craft your own, just wait until you can pick it up at the grocery store.

Jacked up cold brew system

Thumbs down. Never gets enough nitro into the coffee. Good idea not enough psi.

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Jacked-Up Nitro Cold Brew Keg System

Jacked-Up Nitro Cold Brew Keg System