June 20, 2019

History and Characteristics of Kolsch

Kolsch Beer Recipe

History of Kolsch

Kolsch is the historical banner beer of Cologne, Germany. Order a Kolsch from any respectable taproom & expect it to be served in a cylinder-shaped glass called a ‘stange.’ Technically an ale, this beer is first fermented relatively warm, & then finished with traditional lagering techniques. It’s a process that creates a wonderfully delicate yet unique flavor profile. Typically brewed with 100% Pilsner malt, but some Kolschs may be made with pale malt & occasionally a touch of wheat.

Characteristics of Kolsch

Kolsch often carries a pale straw or nearly golden color that is brilliantly clear. A grainy & sometimes faintly fruity aroma will hang around the glass. The flavor is reflective of its near pristine clarity: clean & crisp. A subtle malt sweetness is interspersed with a varying hop character, that leads to a satisfyingly dry finish. The bitterness of a Kolsch is moderate & its hop variety is infused with mellow earthy, spicy, & floral flavors. This blend adds a subtle complexity which keeps the beer impeccably balanced.

Beer Kit: Kolsch

Curious about the Kolsch? Pour yourself a glass. There’s no extra bells or whistles to our version of this brew. The Kolsch knows what it is & doesn’t need to complicate that. Imbued by a golden hue, with just a smidge of German Hallertau hops added to combat the density of the malt. Serve & relish this effervescently smooth clean beer. We recommend the ambience of a sunny day & singing birds.

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