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Blichmann HopBlocker™ - Hop Filtration System

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This innovative item from Blichmann Engineering is able to filter out 90-95% of pellet hops without getting clogged or stuck! The HopBlocker features two stages of filtration, the first a coarse filter that draws liquid from above the level of the hop sediment, and the second a fine filter for the thick liquid at the bottom of the kettle. Simply whirlpool your wort, drain until you get close to the bottom, and then pull up the screen using a hook to engage the fine filter. User needs to supply a hook to pull up the screen and a mash paddle or similar object to hold the Hopblocker down while doing so.

Made for use with the Blichmann Boilermaker kettles, those who have other brands of kettles will have to supply a 90 degree angle dip tube on a compression fitting. Works best on flat bottomed kettles. Measures 5.625" tall by 3.75" wide at base.

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Blichmann HopBlocker™ - Hop Filtration System

Blichmann HopBlocker™ - Hop Filtration System