October 14, 2020

From Farmhouse to Fementer: Your Guide to Kveik Yeast

What is Kveik Yeast

Kveik (pronounced kvike or kuh-vike) is the ancient super yeast you may have heard a lot of buzz about in the last few years. The word “kveik” is actually a dialect word for “yeast” in Norwegian and has been passed down for generations in traditional farmstead brewing. But it’s not just nostalgia or tradition that makes these yeasts so appealing to homebrewers, rather it’s the unique characteristics that make these strains stand apart from most other yeasts.

Key Kveik Qualities

For being from a chilly Scandinavian country, the funny and most impressive quality about kveik is that it can withstand rather high temperature fermentation - at just over 100 degrees, with no off flavors! No AC or fermentation control in your brewcave? No problem when brewing with kveik. And at these higher temperatures, kveik can produce a 5% ABV beer days before other yeast strains are able. Another standout feature is that unlike other yeasts that tap out around 10%, kveik can withstand more alcohol (11-16%ABV).

No matter what strain you choose, you’ll get a tough as nails yeast that withstands nearly anything - just like a Viking. Although brewing with new ingredients can be nerve-wracking, hopefully we’ve shown you that you really can’t go wrong brewing with kveik. To choose which is best for your next batch, you’ll want to check out the one feature that differentiates each strain the most: the flavor profiles. From neutral flavors and aromas to bursts of guava and other exotic fruits, the flavors of these strains range as much as their temperatures.

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Or watch our video as our Head Development Brewer covers the popular strains carried here at Northern Brewer.

Product Name Brand Flavor Profile Range Flocculation Attenuation Origin
Imperial Yeast A43 Loki Imperial Clean (Cooler), Citrus (Warmer) 65 - 100 F Med-High 75 - 85% Voss
Imperial Yeast A44 Kveiking Imperial Pineapple, Guava, Tropical Fruits 75 - 95 F Low 75 - 85% Blend
Imperial Yeast A46 Bartleby Kveik Imperial Citrus, Fruity, Juicy, Hazy, Peach, Pineapple 68 - 98 F High 75 - 85% Hornindal
LalBrew® Voss Kveik Ale Dry Yeast LalBrew® Neutral, Subtle Fruity Orange, Citrus 95 - 104 F Med-High Very High Voss
Omega Yeast OYL-033 Jovaru™ Lithuanian Farmhouse Omega Lemon Pith, Black Pepper 70 - 95 F Med-Low 76 - 82% Jovarai
Omega Yeast OYL-057 HotHead Ale - Kveik Strain Omega Honey, Overripe Mango 62 - 98 F Low-Med 75 - 82% Stranda
Omega Yeast OYL-061 Voss Kveik Omega Orange, Citrus 68 - 98 F Medium 75 - 82% Voss
Omega Yeast OYL-071 Lutra™ Kveik Omega Clean 68 - 95 F Med-High 75 - 82% Hornindal
Omega Yeast OYL-071GF Lutra™ Kveik - Gluten Free Yeast Omega Clean 68 - 95 F Med-High 75 - 82% Hornindal
Omega Yeast OYL-090 Espe Kveik Omega Lychee, Pear, Tropical Fruit Cup 68 - 98 F Med-High 75 - 80% Grodås
Omega Yeast OYL-091 Hornindal Kveik Omega Pineapple, Mango, Tangerine 70 - 90 F High 75 - 82% Hornindal

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