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Big Mouth Bubbler® Extra Lid Gaskets - 5 Count

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When you've loved your glass Big Mouth Bubbler® so much that the lid seal is starting to show wear, stocking up on extra lid gaskets and keeping them fresh ensures your Big Mouth Bubbler® will continue to produce nothing but the most delicious of homebrews. Use with the 5-Gallon, 6.5-Gallon and Little Big Mouth Bubbler®

Note: These gaskets are designed for the original screw-on lid for the Glass Big Mouth Bubbler® only. They will not fit the plastic models and are not designed for use with the new Universal Lid.

Designed to minimize air exchange between the external and internal environment on the Big Mouth Bubbler®. Constructed of durable polyethylene foam, these semi-rigid seals are resistant to bacteria, mold, chemicals and solvents.

Includes five lid gaskets.

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Big Mouth Bubbler® Extra Lid Gaskets - 5 Count

Big Mouth Bubbler® Extra Lid Gaskets - 5 Count